Monday, August 13, 2012

OMG...This did not happen

Ok, I may or may not have told you that I work in IT for a living...

Well we have a lot of power issues in our building, apparently they never heard of setting up a stable power source for over 5 million in computer equipment.

So this past weekend we were supposed to have some really nasty storms, so I unplugged all the work stations in my area so I would not have to spend the week replacing power supplies.

So after unplugging everything on Friday, I put up a large note, just inside in door...YOU CAN'T MISS IT.   It read "REMINDER, DON'T FORGET TO PLUG YOUR COMPUTERS BACK IN"

Well apparently that was not good enough... I had 5 users come into my office today

1 - to complain he had no power at his workstation

3 - to complain that even after they plugged the computers back in, they were not working
        It never occurred to me that I would have to tell them to turn them back on...

and last 2 to tell me that they plugged their computers back in and turned them on but they still were not working...They neglected to turn the monitors back on...

OMFG, are you kidding me...and I wonder why I get migraine headaches....

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Now what the hell do I do....

OK first off let me apologize, I know that for most people this is not a real problem. Its not life of death, and no one will die regardless of what I choose... But I am scared and not sure what to do...

I can't really turn to family without getting judged, so I figured I could just vent here. (EDIT - to be fair not my whole family)

I have been looking for a house on and off for a few years now. Currently, I rent a three story town house, but with my back, hip and knee problems I need to get away from stairs.

Finding the required space for "MB" and I, in a layout that works has not been easy. I think I found something today. The layout is fantastic, all the room we need and then some.

So, hey idiot what is the problem....(I imagine you yelling at me, some louder than others, you know who you are ;-)    )

It is at the very top of my price range, and would literally double what I am currently paying a month. I think I could do it, but am terrified about it. I work a contract position, which means it could go away. Currently the contract is supposed to be through 2016 but I have seen contracts end with almost no notice.

God, Goddess and whomever willing I would be able to find another contract. But if I spend money I could be putting in savings then what happens if it takes weeks or even months. What do I do if I take money that I could be putting away in case something happens...

Do I take a leap of faith, and go for the house?

Do I play it safe, and keep looking for a house that will be less perfect for us but more affordable?  Even though I have not found it after years of looking?

I just don't know what to do...Do I jump in the water, or stay safe on the dock?

Have you ever had to make a decision that had you this confused, or scared?  How did you decided?
Did it work out, or did you regret it later?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Hoping for Hope - Hope2012, A Blog Relay

My new friend Melanie, came up with an idea, a themed blog relay, like the Olympics. Only this is about hope

I have thought about this for several days, and to be honest the idea of writing about hope upsets me. Probably because in my life I have major issues with hope.

My son "MB" is autistic, and (even thought I hate most of the descriptions of people living on the autism spectrum) for the sake of this post I will use generalizations (forgive me, its easier and right now I need easy), he is considered moderate to severe.

My son will never graduate high school, never have a real job, never live alone. He is incapable of holding a conversation, or express his thoughts or dreams.

When I was pregnant, I had some many hopes, and dreams, but now I just don't know.

And then I look into my son's beautiful blue eyes, and my heart melts. I know in someways I am lucky. He can talk, and express basic wants and needs. He is a caring and loving young man

When I first started thinking about what I would write, it almost felt like an absence of hope, but as I watch my son and I look at the things he is able to do. Things that against all odds, he is now able to do, and I think it really is a hope for hope...