Monday, July 23, 2012

Making things worse - Media Coverage of The Colorado Tragedy

I have been very upset since the news broke last Friday about the movie theater shootings in Colorado.

Like most people in the US, I followed the news about this, searching for answers. How can someone have done this? What must the families be going through?

Then I started to get angry, not at the situation per say but at the media coverage.

 Morning Joe Scarborough, who gets on his TV show and spews some of the most horrific comments I have ever heard spoken

He starts off by saying that he does not want to generalize, but then goes on to say that the shooter was "on the autism scale."

Families dealing with Autism, and Autism spectrum disorders don't need this kind of garbage Joe. You of all people should know what we deal with having a child on the spectrum yourself. Families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders have higher rates of depression, and anxiety. First from dealing with the insane costs of dealing with the disorder, and secondly from a public who don't understand Autism and run from it like the plague. When you are dealing with Autism, you lose family, and friends. I have been asked to leave restaurants, and other public place because my son was acting out.

You, do us all a extreme harm, when you spout off on a subject you know nothing about Joe. You may understand Autism as it pertains to your son, but you don't know anything about this shooter.

If that weren't bad enough then the media decides to exploit a child. In the theater that night was a 13 year old CHILD who was there with family friends. A six year old child was with the group, this 6 year old tragically died in the shooting, and her mother was critically injured (as of today she is making progress but will be paralyzed). The 14 yr old, attempted to save the 6 year old after she was shot but was unable to do so.

My anger at this story is firmly divided between this child's mother Heather (CBS states their last name won't be given for privacy reasons...WHAT A CROCK) and CBS news. Heather for allowing them to interview her child in the first place, and CBS for what their reporter (slime monger - more likely) John Blackstone  asked this child. After having her describe what happened, he casually asks her if she will go to the movies again. The child is visually upset and says, no she doesn't think she will ever go to the movies again. Heartbreaking right. End of story right...NO this idiot asks her how she feels about the smell of popcorn.

WHAT are you flipping kidding me...This is a traumatized child and your going to trivialize what she has gone through. Shame on CBS for even airing this, and shame on this child's mother for letting them do it...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jinglehammer...The legend continues

So where we last left off Jinglehammer and been spiked int "A's" garden, with such overkill that a hurricane was not going to get him to move. There he sat for 7 straight days, until....

On Saturday morning, "A" walked out the front door to find her car parked at an angle at the end of her driveway. She walked to her car, and opened the door and lying in the drivers seat is Jinglehammer, an empty beer bottle and a empty pack of cigarettes. At that point "A" lost it laughing...when she calmed down she grabbed the bottle and empty cig pack and tossed them and when back to the car (I totally yelled at her for not taking pictures).

That was when she saw the new note on Jinglehammer... It read
Ain't nothin' gonna break my stride,
I'm never gonna walk such ground, oh no,
I've got to keep on movin'.

"A's" husband "B" called me to tell me that "A" was 45 minutes late to work this morning, because she could not stop laughing long enough to drive to work.

I only wish I had come up with these pranks..."B" my friend you are an evil genius.

Jinglehammer disappeared after that, "A" swears that she still has him but he has not been seen around the house since. "B" is convinced that she took him to work and is preparing to bribe a couple of her co-workers to find out.

I hope he finds Jinglehammer soon, I have not laughed this hard in ages.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

You spent what???

Yes that is what I was asked today, when after being asked what I did over the weekend. My answer was simple, cleaned the house, grocery shopping, Tried to take "MB" sailing, and spent 10K on a dog.

That's right, you heard me correctly, I just spent 10K for a dog. A real live dog, not that I would not consider a taxidermy dog, but for 10K that dog would have to be gold plated and shit.

For those of you who someone have found this blog and are going Taxidermy Dog, what kind of freak are you?

Check out the bloggess, herself and her quest for a taxidermy miniature pony. This is such a awesome idea, that I immediately sent her an email, offering to chip in for it. If nothing else it will drive her husband Victor up the wall.

Ok, back to the 10K dog. For those who don't know I have a 14 year old son, nicknamed "Monkey Boy" or MB for short here in the blogosphere. MB, is autistic, with multiple other issue (Epilepsy, Anxiety, ADHD, and PMS (Psycho Mom Syndrome).

MB's issues make it difficult to go places. Every trip is a new adventure, and not always in a good way. I never know how he will react. One trip to the grocery store and everything is wonderful. The next trip he screams the entire time.

So I finally came up with the money to purchase him a service dog. The dog will be trained to deal with anxiety and calm him. In addition it will be trained to alert for seizures, and as a search and rescue dog.

I am not yet sure if what the sex will be but I do know that it will be a Cane Corso (pronounced Car-Knee Corso).


The color is not guaranteed, but really hope he/she is black. So yes, I have spent an insane amount of money on a dog, but if it gives "MB" more freedom then it will be worth every penny.

We should be picking the dog up around January, I will let you know how it works out.

Monday, July 16, 2012

JINGLEHAMMER, The legend begins

So a few days ago, I told you how I came to find Jinglehammer. Well little did I know that buying Jinglehammer, and sending him to my friends would result in this.
My friends and I are a bunch of practical jokers, so I guess I should not be surprised at what happened next.

My sister and our friends loved their Jinglehammers. One friend "A" immediately put hers out in her garden, and if he had stayed there this would be a very boring blog.

So a day or two after Jinglehammer was exiled to the garden, "A" came home to find Jinglehammer on the couch watching tv, his note changed to read "Touch the remote and Die". "A" chuckled and put him back out in the garden.

The next night she found Jinglehammer in her bed, and the note read "You go sleep in the garden, Bitch...This is my bed now" ....Back to the garden he went.

The very next morning, she goes into the bathroom to take a shower and finds ....

Jinglehammer and a Rubber Duckie and the tub, Jinglehammer is wearing a shower cap, and the note now reads, "Don't you know how to knock"

She chuckled, and put him back in the garden on her way out of the house.

That night while getting dinner ready, "A" goes to the deep freezer to get out some garlic bread, and opens the door to find Jinglehammer dry humping a frozen turkey. This time the note reads "Yeah, who's your daddy now??"

That night I got a semi-drunken phone call, telling me that Jinglehammer was a perv....I fell off the couch laughing...

So the next morning "A" got up and went out in the garden with Jinglehammer, and real hammer and some 6 inch garden spikes. She then put 8 U shapes spikes all around him, she called me all happy saying that little bastard is not going anywhere this time...

And in the garden he stayed...1 day, 2 days, 3 days...for a full week he did not move.

Stayed tuned for the rest of the story...................

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Those of us, who worship at the feet of the Bloggess all know the story of Beyoncé. After learning about Beyoncé, my sister, two friends and I started a diligent search for our own Beyoncé...We spent almost a year searching, we looked high, we looked low...We looked up and we looked down...alas such was our despair at not being about to find that elusive 5 ft. metal chicken. We even contacted people about making us our own Beyoncé, but we could not find anyone who was even willing to consider this.

I had given up all hope of find a Beyoncé of my very own and had fallen into a pit of despair. Then one day I was out shopping, I had gone to Targét (remember the t at the end is silent) and was walking the isles and then I saw it.

It was funky, it was amazingly awesome. It was not as big as Beyoncé only about 20 inches tall, but being that small would make it easier to send to my partners in crime. I grabbed four and ran to the checkout, and brought them home with me. I called my sister, and said I have found Beyoncé’s cousin. I sent her a picture of our new little friend. We discussed names but nothing seemed quite right. Then it struck me. the Bloggess, the Bloggess should name our new little friend.

So I fired off an email with the picture attached, and asked her to bestow a name on the new addition to the family. I wondered if she would answer the email. Would the Bloggess, that quirky wonderful goddess even respond to my email. The next morning, I checked my email and there was a response, she had answered and his name was JINGLEHAMMER. It was perfect and fit my new little friend perfectly. Not how to introduce Jinglehammer to my friends, what note should I send with him. Now to me I pronounce it like Jinglehamma like one would say Jabberwocky, so he definitely has some attitude. So I typed up a the following note:

I don’t knock Motherfucker,

I go where I want, when I want,


I attached the note, packed up the boxes and sent them on their way.  Little did I know, that Jinglehammer had more attitude that even I knew and that his exploits would soon take on legendary proportions.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

People hide for a reason

People hide for a reason...They are either doing something wrong, attempting to do something wrong, or are so wrapped up in government bureaucracy that they are forced to hide to keep the public from hunting them down and beating them senseless.

I know understand the last part of these very well. I am a newly rated disabled veteran, and due to some confusing paperwork I recieved today I had to call their help line.

After hitting the required 1000 buttons to get through the automated system, and actually talk to a person. I then answer several hundred more questions to prove that I am who I say I am...I mean really I don't see my life as being so fab that someone who pretend to be me....but ok fine...

We know both know exactly who I am...So I ask my question and wait the required time on hold while they pull up my info in the computer system.

I am asked the date of the letter, and then I am told that they sent me a letter at the end of May that answers the question. The only problem with that is I did not get a letter at the end of May. So I say

Can just tell me the information???

             No that is against policy...

Can you email the information to me???

             No that is against policy...

Can you send me a copy of the letter???

              No that is against policy...

So wait a can not answer my question, because it was already answered in a letter I never received...and now you can't give me the letter....

That was when my head exploded....

I was told to get a copy of the letter that I never received, I would have to take time off work and drive an hour away. Oh yes and you can not make an appointment, you have to go sit and wait.

That was when I reached for the Jack Daniels...I figure that if I were drunk maybe it would then make sense...

Soooo then I asked for a supervisor...Who told me it was against policy to answer my questions, as they had already sent me a letter to address a question I did not know I had, until after I got the second letter....

Does your head hurt now too....GOOD why should I suffer alone...LOL

I did at least get the supervisor to mail me a copy of the letter, so at least I don't have to lose time at work. Of course by this time, I am too drunk to care about the answer of my question in the first place...


Monday, July 9, 2012

Its been forever

Well looking back, it has been over a year since I have posted anything. Not really sure why, just nothing to talk about I guess.

I am officially a disabled veteran, although they messed up part of the paperwork, and I have no idea how long it will take to fix it.

'MB" will be 15 this year, and went off to summer camp for a week in June. Easter Seals runs a really good camp for special needs kids and does two week just for kids with Autism. He did well in June, behaviorally anyway. Only two small outbursts, but he did not want to participate in most of the activites. All he wanted to do is swim swim swim and swim. I spent the whole week waiting for the phone to ring, and be told to come get him.

He will go back at the end of the month, at least I hope he will. He was not real happy with me for leaving him there to begin with, so I have fears that he won't get out of the car when I bring him back.

I am going to strive to post at least once a week.

I am quite sure no one is reading this but it might just help me to feel productive.

Take care.