Monday, July 16, 2012

JINGLEHAMMER, The legend begins

So a few days ago, I told you how I came to find Jinglehammer. Well little did I know that buying Jinglehammer, and sending him to my friends would result in this.
My friends and I are a bunch of practical jokers, so I guess I should not be surprised at what happened next.

My sister and our friends loved their Jinglehammers. One friend "A" immediately put hers out in her garden, and if he had stayed there this would be a very boring blog.

So a day or two after Jinglehammer was exiled to the garden, "A" came home to find Jinglehammer on the couch watching tv, his note changed to read "Touch the remote and Die". "A" chuckled and put him back out in the garden.

The next night she found Jinglehammer in her bed, and the note read "You go sleep in the garden, Bitch...This is my bed now" ....Back to the garden he went.

The very next morning, she goes into the bathroom to take a shower and finds ....

Jinglehammer and a Rubber Duckie and the tub, Jinglehammer is wearing a shower cap, and the note now reads, "Don't you know how to knock"

She chuckled, and put him back in the garden on her way out of the house.

That night while getting dinner ready, "A" goes to the deep freezer to get out some garlic bread, and opens the door to find Jinglehammer dry humping a frozen turkey. This time the note reads "Yeah, who's your daddy now??"

That night I got a semi-drunken phone call, telling me that Jinglehammer was a perv....I fell off the couch laughing...

So the next morning "A" got up and went out in the garden with Jinglehammer, and real hammer and some 6 inch garden spikes. She then put 8 U shapes spikes all around him, she called me all happy saying that little bastard is not going anywhere this time...

And in the garden he stayed...1 day, 2 days, 3 days...for a full week he did not move.

Stayed tuned for the rest of the story...................

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