Monday, July 23, 2012

Making things worse - Media Coverage of The Colorado Tragedy

I have been very upset since the news broke last Friday about the movie theater shootings in Colorado.

Like most people in the US, I followed the news about this, searching for answers. How can someone have done this? What must the families be going through?

Then I started to get angry, not at the situation per say but at the media coverage.

 Morning Joe Scarborough, who gets on his TV show and spews some of the most horrific comments I have ever heard spoken

He starts off by saying that he does not want to generalize, but then goes on to say that the shooter was "on the autism scale."

Families dealing with Autism, and Autism spectrum disorders don't need this kind of garbage Joe. You of all people should know what we deal with having a child on the spectrum yourself. Families dealing with Autism Spectrum Disorders have higher rates of depression, and anxiety. First from dealing with the insane costs of dealing with the disorder, and secondly from a public who don't understand Autism and run from it like the plague. When you are dealing with Autism, you lose family, and friends. I have been asked to leave restaurants, and other public place because my son was acting out.

You, do us all a extreme harm, when you spout off on a subject you know nothing about Joe. You may understand Autism as it pertains to your son, but you don't know anything about this shooter.

If that weren't bad enough then the media decides to exploit a child. In the theater that night was a 13 year old CHILD who was there with family friends. A six year old child was with the group, this 6 year old tragically died in the shooting, and her mother was critically injured (as of today she is making progress but will be paralyzed). The 14 yr old, attempted to save the 6 year old after she was shot but was unable to do so.

My anger at this story is firmly divided between this child's mother Heather (CBS states their last name won't be given for privacy reasons...WHAT A CROCK) and CBS news. Heather for allowing them to interview her child in the first place, and CBS for what their reporter (slime monger - more likely) John Blackstone  asked this child. After having her describe what happened, he casually asks her if she will go to the movies again. The child is visually upset and says, no she doesn't think she will ever go to the movies again. Heartbreaking right. End of story right...NO this idiot asks her how she feels about the smell of popcorn.

WHAT are you flipping kidding me...This is a traumatized child and your going to trivialize what she has gone through. Shame on CBS for even airing this, and shame on this child's mother for letting them do it...

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