Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Shaving and other hazzards

Ok, I haven't posted anything in 1000 years, but I am going to try post more often. I have been cyber stalking my new IBF (internet best friend) the wonderful Ninja...but don't tell her I have not yet convinced her that we are IBF's YET...

Well she posted a link about another great blogger about her nair experience. Which led to multiple women talking about shaving, nair, and other hair removing incidents. I mentioned that I had a friend who had to go to the emergency room due to a shaving incident. Aussa (The Ninja) demanded that I tell the story, to which I told pondered about making her wait as she is always starting to tell us the funniest stories, then telling us we have to wait for her blog post about it. Which usually takes several weeks.

Soooooo here goes....

Several years ago, I am sitting at home and my phone rings. It is my friend "Jane" who lived down the street. Jane asks me to come to her house immediately. As I am double checking to make sure the boy is asleep, I ask her what is wrong. There is no answer for about 40 seconds and then Jane tells me that she had an accident while shaving her legs.

Apparently she was sitting on the edge of her tub and shaving her legs while drinking a soda. She had placed the can on the bathroom floor. Then apparently while twisting and turning to ensure she had un chewbacca'd her legs she lost her balance on the edge of the tub and fell....

ON TOP OF THE SODA CAN. As the can tipped over under her weight, the opening on the can sliced the holy hell out of the outer lip of her va-jay-jay.

(now that any women reading this have grimaced, doubled over, and/or momentary stopped breathing...I will continue)

She apparently was bleeding quite a lot and wanted me to come look to tell her if she needed to go to the emergency room.  Jane and I were quite close, but something told me that would make us TOO close.  I called another friend to stay with the boy, told her to get dressed the best she could and I would be right down to take her to the ER.

Karma was right on the money by giving her a doctor that could have given McDreamy a run for his money. He even managed not to laugh when giving her 12 stitches. Although he did have a pretty big grin on his face...

Sooo there ya go Ninja girl...Hope it was worth the wait.


  1. YES YES YES....and she wanted to me to look and tell her if she should go to the ER...I was like, I love you, but not that way...Get in the damn car.