Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Just a Mom

Well if anyone is reading this, you will see that I sign my posts "Just a Mom". This came from a conversation with some friends when we were talking about raising sons. We got into a debate about raising boys, and if it was better in the long run to tell them to "Man Up" when things happened, or let the express their emotions (or to quote my friend Mike, cry like a girl).  During this, I was told that I just don't understand what being a REAL man is all about, because I was just a Mom.

I would like to say that I just smiled at the obvious backward thinking small minded cretin, who made this remark and ignored him, but I would like to believe that any mother would have found this comment difficult to swallow...

I responded with the following (as best as I remember)

Your right, I am just a Mom who is raising her son to be the best person he can possible be. To know that a REAL man can show his emotions and cry when upset and not have his man card revoked. That a REAL man knows that showing emotions is a natural part of life and there is no shame involved. I have shown him through my actions that life can knock you down, and you can show your emotions about it and still "Man Up" and deal with the situation. If my doing that means that I am don't understand what you consider to be a real man, or how to raise a my son to be a decent and caring man because as you state I am "Just a Mom" then fine by me, it is a title I will wear with pride.

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