Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Survivor Stupidity

I was watching survivor tonite, yes I admit it...I am addicted to reality tv. Well okay not all of it, I mostly watch reality competitions, survivor, amazing race, top chef...I can't help it, but I supposed if you have to be addicted to something there are worse things I could have chosen, like the bachelor or dancing with the stars.

Ok where was I...oh yes I was watching survivor tonight and two of the contestants were discussing religion. (Now I am not a religious person, but I do believe in a higher power, maybe I will talk about that at a later time).  While watching this, I must say I was slightly disturbed, not because they were talking about God or anything. What upset me was these idiots honestly thought that the winner of the competition was decided by God.

Now I know that if you believe in a higher power, you believe they watch over you and guide you through the trials and tribulations of life, but do you honestly think with all the issues in the world today God gives a tinkers damn who wins Survivor.

To me this is assine, I mean come on we all know that God was watching American Idol....

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